TTC #2

Kayla ā€¢ Due Oct 13th with baby girl #2!!

So I got pregnant with my first on accident with one freakin baby dance. Now I'm PLANNING my second and went into it thinking it's gonna be soooo easy and I had planned out which month to get pregnant so I'm not fat in summer šŸ˜‚. I was so clueless šŸ™ƒ. Didn't even know what TTC meant. Fast forward 7 months, not pregnant yet, dreading AF every month, tracking my bbt, CM, and fertile days, on Glow erry dang day wondering how the hell I even got pregnant the first time! This. Is. Hard. Just venting about how absolutely sure I was that I'd get pregnant right away because that's how it happened with my first....and I had nooooo idea it could be hard like this. Baby dust to everyone who reads this!!

There I am looking at bfns my first 3 months ttc.