Falling in love

I'm falling for my new man. We aren't official but we are exclusive. Slightly confusing I'm sure. I've known him for 15 years at this point. We first met as a flower girl and a ring bearer at a wedding when we were 6. I've grown up with him. He's been there my whole life. We were only really friends. He was such an ass and he was the type of guy who thought nothing could stop him. He's since had a daughter and has grown up and cares about things. He can still be an ass but who can't? We've been spending more time together and I can feel myself really falling in love with him. I want to tell him how I feel because I hate holding it in. He can tell something is bothering me, he actually thinks I'm starting to become uninterested. I just don't want to make him feel uneasy or pressured into loving me back right away. But I know how I feel. I've always loved him. Always had the biggest crush on him. And these past few months have just made it so clear that I never stopped loving him. Should I tell him? Or should I just wait? I almost feel like this is a lose lose situation.