Yeeesss babe 😫💦💦 (Long sex story)

Chris • 19 | Taken 💕| Bi 🏳️‍🌈| Sex crazed

So the other day I went to my boyfriends house and after watching some movies and eating dinner, we went up to his room and he went to lay down on the bed and spread his arms out for me to lie down on top of him so he can hold me. I lied down with my head next to his and he started playing with my dress and slapping my ass and I started getting super turned on and I lifted my head and started really making out with him while occasionally nibbling on each other's lips while he started unzipping my dress and then swiftly pulled it over my head and unhooked my bra in 2 seconds. I started really grinding on him and lifted my head up for second while he gazed at my body and he whispered, "you're so fucking hot, oh my god" fuuuccckk I was already so wet. I pulled off his pants while he took off his shirt and I kissed his neck, moving down to his chest and his breathing became so heavy as I got to his stomach, I kissed around his dick while I could feel his body trembling before I put his dick in my mouth while I scratched his balls a bit and he was moaning so much and just his moans is enough to get me so wet!! He pulled me up a bit and told me to suck him from the side so he could rub me at the same time. He sits up a bit and starts kissing my stomach while slipping off my panties. I got into the positioning and he starts rubbing me so good. So he is really hitting the spot and fingering me at the same time and it's so difficult to concentrate on him while it feels so good for me 😫💦 He starts saying "oh babe, you want it bad don't you?" I nodded my head while moaning and he continued, "you can have it if you get the condom", you better believe I bolted downstairs and grabbed it as fast as I could. I came back upstairs and handed him the condom and he put it on in 2 seconds. I got on top of him and it slipped in so quick I was like a waterfall down there. I start riding him and moaning and he grabs my hips, putting us in the same rhythm and it was the best feeling. He then tells me to try reverse cowgirl and as I got in the position he's moaning so loud now and I noticed that I was in the perfect position to stimulate his balls. I start lightly scratching it and he just gasped and started whispering, "oh my fucking god" over and over again and I felt such an immense satisfaction in making him feel that good and as I continued, he tightened his legs, indicating that the feeling is too intense. He ended up opening his legs again and I continued and I was so pleased with myself to be able to please him like that. He sits up, kissing my back and positioned me into doggy style and started pounding me so deep and it was fucking amazing, my legs were shaking. I took his hand and put it on my clit and he starts rubbing me while still penetrating me and it was literal heaven. He then had me lay on my back and my legs are over his shoulders and my g-spot was getting the best stimulation ever. We finish with normal missionary before I got back on him and licked his dick and sucked on his balls before he got on top of me and jacked off on my face. His eyes were rolling back and he looked like he was in pure ecstasy and I was so pleased with myself 😏😏 he took the cum off my face with tissues and then he went down on me, while fingering me and I couldn't stop shaking and moaning. He rubbed and licked my clit so fucking good 😫😫 he was kissing the inside of my thighs and when I finished, he got on top off me and asked how I feel. I replied, "so fucking great", and then he replied "all I want is for you to feel good". Holy hell it was amazing ❤️💦