Husband can't stop slapping and poking my butt. πŸ‘

Everytime my backside is facing my husband he has to slap my butt. He loves jiggling my boobs, and poking me between my butt cheeks. It's how he shows his love. And it was cute for a while, until... It wasn't anymore. When it became the main way he showed his affection for me, I began to dispise it. I want more sweet innocent touches. And I'm sad to say, at times it's made me feel like I'm just a sex object. But I KNOW he doesn't think that of me, and that he respects me and loves me. But I've recently been having some serious self confidence issues that I need to address, and this on top of everything doesn't seem to help. I've bought it up to him on occasion and usually that ends with him getting sad or even angry. Because it's "how he shows his love" Sometimes he's even gone as far to tell me that he'll just stop touching me completely. (He doesn't ever mean it, he just says stupid stuff sometimes) The point is, he doesn't think it's wrong for him to do these things. I think he feels that I don't love him in a sexual way because I don't like being touched that way. Maybe I'd feel different if I was more happy with myself.

He is my husband, and I love him no matter what. Could I just be overreacting? Or do you think it's possible that something like this could get out of hand? Can anyone help me think of some sort of compromise? Any advice is appreciated!