So today went in for the ultrasound. Since I didn’t have a full bladder they had to use the wand up my vagina. As were sitting there while she moved it around I was getting nervous because she constantly had different doctors coming in. I’m only 7w2d along. My boyfriend was just as nervous as me. So after the ultrasound, went and had blood work, passed out (completely gone), came back to and then went to talk to my physician about what the radiologist said.

Basically they saw two babies in my stomach, but only one had a strong heartbeat the other was kind of under developed right now. She said 3 things are likely to happen:

1. I got pregnant on two different occasions, which explains why one baby is a week or so behind the other baby. (Basically my bf and I had sex one week, and then again the next week and that’s how it happened).

2. It’s most likely twins, but one may not make it which is very common in pregnancy I found out.

3. It basically becomes nothing that my body will just absorb.

Needless to say I’m pretty shocked yet excited and I’m anticipating the two week wait until I go back to get looked at again.