Itchy crack...?

Okay so please bare with me lmao. Recently Ive noticed that my vagina is almost always wet. I'll be walking down the street and start to feel myself getting wet. It's not from arousal and it's not me peeing myself I just get...wet. Sometimes so wet that it slushes around and slides to my buttcrack. And this is where things get weird. For some reason, when that happens, my buttcrack gets really itchy. Like I have to consistently get up and wipe myself because i get so itchy. Idk if that's simply because I feel the need to get clean or if there's something wrong with my discharge. Also, I've noticed that my discharge appears brown on my panties...but when I wipe myself it's white or clear and the smell is only slightly foul. Idk I feel like this is something I shouldn't ignore, what do you guys think it is?