TMI : Does anyone else feel extremely gross since being pregnant?


I’m currently 38 1/2 weeks pregnant and I feel disgusting. I’ve always been a pretty girl kind of female and super curvy. I’m having a girl and I gained some weight I’m still pretty much all belly but I feel like I’m too fat. Also, I noticed my down there area is darker than normal (my fiancé says everything is fine and I’m just over thinking) and I haven’t discharge which makes me feel so unclean. I know this is all normal pregnancy things, I’m just wondering if I’m the only one who’s going through this. My fiancé tells me that I’m just stressing too much, and he goes above and beyond to make me feel better about myself and I feel horrible because I appreciate it but right now I’m just pretty down about the way my body is. Am I alone in this? And if anyone went through this how did you get out this little funk? Also, sorry for the TMI about the darkening of my lady part! That just bothers me to the point I don’t even want him too see it anymore.