Cheating spouse? Can things ever go back to normal


So 8 months pregnant with his child. Already have a 2 year old. My SO has confessed to sleeping with someone else and having a relationship with them beyond that for a minute as well.

This isn't a post about how fucked up it is, or how much he lied, or how could he do this to me while I'm giving him the best gift on earth.

This is a post asking on advice or experience from someone who has been on this side of the spectrum.

Can things go back to how they used to be? How do you ever look at them the same? How do I get over the situation of every time he touches me I just get grossed out because I can't stop myself from thinking about him touching this other person the way he's touching me? While I was at home taking care of my child and in bed wondering where he was. How do I get myself to feel good about myself when I was already giving him everything I could and I wasn't enough? What about this conflicting feeling of needing to be held and loved considering I just had my heart broken to peices and life thrown in a loop, and wanting that to be coming from my significant other, but hardly being able to accept it because I don't think they deserve to console me. But not being able to be alone??

I'm lost. I don't know how to do this. All I know is I feel I've put way to much into this to just walk away and give up. But I don't even know where to begin to mend myself.