Just needed to rant a little bit

So today my family made me feel ashamed of my pregnancy. I'm 6 months pregnant. After a month and a half of not seeing my big brother he told me that I was too heavy, that I needed to cut down on the eating department.

I'm 5'6 feet tall and I was 167 pounds pre pregnancy, I'm 197 pounds now. I know I got more weight than I should, I'm a heavy girl, wide shoulders and wide hips and legs. My bump isn't growing to the front but more to the sides, and I look bigger. And to add to that I developed hypothyroidism during the first trimester and part of the second too.

I'm just so tired of being called fat, I even went to a dietician for a better diet and she basically told me to eat when my body told me to. And I try to eat slowly and not too much. I try to eat healthier, but is difficult when my husband is a seriously picky eater. The only veggies he would eat are green peas, carrots and spinach. When I cook veggies I have to do two different meals.

I'm just so frustrated right now. (︶_︶)