Support needed.


So I created this last year and to my surprise on December 15 2016, I found out I was pregnant. So happy I was. Me and my hunny both had lost babies previous to us being together and this baby was going to be our miracle baby. We tried to get pregnant and it never seemed to happen. I eventually went to my doctor which prescribed pill to help with conceiving. Within 1 week I was pregnant. Unfortunately on January 6 2017 I experienced another painful day. I was in so much pain. I remember coming on here asking about the pains I was having that were unusual. It was told that my uterus was just stretching. I went to the ER and they did my ultrasound. They could not find my baby. I was bleeding dark red and in so much pain. The doctor told me that they were going to have to take my baby because the baby was in my tube and it was about to explode. 6 weeks and had to lose another baby. The first baby I lost at 4 months. The doctor told me with that one that the baby wasn't growing right. After my last lost I gave up. Quickly deleted this app and blamed myself. I thought it was my fault. I have a scar from my last loss by my stomach that reminds me every day of the hurt. How do I get over this? I thought trying to try again would help however I'm still hurt. What do I do?