First baby!


After 8 months of TTC, my fiancé and I finally got the BFP!!!! 💘💙 I will be going to our local clinic for blood work to confirm, but these tests didn’t even take 10 seconds before saying positive. I was eight days late, had light spotting yesterday and have been having sore boobs. I have felt “off” all week and I thought maybe I was just getting sick. AF was 7 days late last month, I took a pregnancy test and it said negative, then I got my period and it was normal. As I was getting ready to take the first test today, I had the mindset that it would be negative just like any other time and I was just overthinking the symptoms I was having... low and behold, I am pregnant. We are absolutely ecstatic as well as emotional, but we are so ready for this journey ❤️