Zero signs of affection

Things have been kind of stressful the last few months. We basically were on vacation all summer, which wasn't as fun as t sounds... and now we are getting back into the swing of real life with a 4 y/o. But I feel like I'm begging my husband to even hug me lately. We've never been overly affectionate, but I've never felt like he's been pushing me off of him either. I seriously had to force a good night kiss tonight, and let's forget about anything after sex. I feel like a common whore, help him get off and then he goes on with his day like we never did a thing. I'm drowning in my loneliness and need to have some kind of physical contact. I'm worried this is that stage of marriage all the men in movies complain about "once you're married all the sex stops", only I'm actively trying to get something more than a high five out of the guy. I'm not sure what to do at this point to get my needs filled, or how to address if we have bigger issues I need to be co corned with