No idea if I’m pregnant or not.


I’m not sure about the acronyms either so bear with me! 💛

So I wouldn’t exactly say I’m ttc but I’m not taking any precautions. Me and my boyfriend have been at it like rabbits for a month or more just because we’ve been feeling frisky. No condoms, no BC and he’s been finishing inside of me. I know, stupid. We started using the “pull out method” on my ovulation days. But you never know.

I could be being paranoid. But here’s my symptoms: my back is on fire

(It could be the week spent on my boyfriend’s mattress), white discharge, always hungry or a empty/kinda burning feeling in my tummy, strange faint cramping, a day spent in bed with intense painful bloating, I can sleep at all times but not through the night, I wake up moody, crying/emotional.

All of this could be mistaken for other things. I’m only 5DPO. I took a verrry early test and obviously got a negative.

Idk, what do you all think? Will keep you lovely ladies updated. Thank you 💕