Gisselle • Baby #1 coming July 2018!

Since about a week ago, i’ve been feeling pretty nauseous at work. Last friday i actually threw up. Today i just felt really dizzy & was about to throw up but i just swallowed it & it sort of went away. I am a medical assistant, so i know my symptoms, i did talk to a fellow RN I work with, & she believes that pregnancy might be the answer. I’ve been having slight abdomen cramps, & very thick white mucous. I just took a pregnancy test, & i SWEAR i can see a very faint like. When i’d take a pregnancy test in the past, (TTC for about a year) there would be absolutely nothing, no line or anything. But the fact that i can definitely see a line, is what’s getting to me. It’s very very faint, i don’t think i can get a good picture of it. Can someone give me their opinion? (I will be taking one tomorrow to give myself a day).

To whoever reads this, thank you for taking the time out of your day to listen!