lost of a sex drive


so me and my boyfriend have been dating for a little over 2 months im 19 and hes 20 when we started dating we had a very active sex life, to the point were we have sex 3-5 times day but latly i havent been wanting to have sex, i havent been that horny i havent told him but hes definitely has noticed every time we start making out he get pretty exicted and starts rubbing my legs and thighs kissing my neck and trys to rub my clit and i just find myslef pushing his hand away and trying to slow things down and doing things to make him lose his erection and hell eventually stop but i see it on his face that hes disapointed and upset, and is becoming sexually fustrated so i usally end up kissing him and givving him a handjob then getting on top of him but it dosent change the fact that i havent been wanted to have sex or feeling horny, i dont know why i havent been feeling it because im syill very attracted to him