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Welp. I've had enough idiot today, what about you guys?


Sooo mr.purple started talking to me again, and he got extremely passive aggressive, said slavery is legal. He said I'm an idiot to think it wasn't. He told me only a fool would believe in books and that I was a cruel person and didn't want to stop slavery/racism. (I didn't say that racism was a good thing, it's not)

He also believed a book wrote in the 60's, which let me remind you was one of the most racist time periods after the civil war, was still relevant- and that it was biology's fault. The man that wrote it was Carleton coon, which sparrow told me about- and I did a bit of research. He was an anthropologist, so his work was heavily influenced by culture at the time. Purple said that our culture hasn't changed a bit.

I've come to the conclusion that he is on drugs, and his opinion is important, unless influenced by cocaine.