Husband is auful

When me and my husband first got together we both discussed getting married and having children. 3 years on and 2 babies later and he is a deadbeat dad and husband. I am registered disabled as i have severe back injuries, he is supposed to bw my carer yet i'm the one that does all the caring. I cook clean wash tidy and take care of the children all on my own. If i was to pull him on anything or ask him to do something he does nothing but complain and cause arguements then make out that its always my fault and then turns it on me and says "oh its always my fault" to try and make me feel guilty. He is always talking on his phone to other people ( mostly other women) he only ever talks to me to argue. He never helps with the babies yet he thinks if we were to split up he would take the kids as he has more support because i have no friends or family down to him causing problems. I know if he took them he would never look after them he hates it when they squeal scream or cry he never feeds changes dresses or washes them and he never puts them to bed so where does he get off telling me he will take them. His newest thing is he is disabled because he is deaf only thing is he is not deaf and when i said he needs to go to the dr he said i know but when have i ever got time and i told him he's always got time to which he stormed off and shut me out. The only thing is he is right he never has time because he's too lazy to even get out of bed. He stays there all day talking to his friends and "girlfriends" and sleeping. Yet when he is around other people he always appears to be mr nice guy and tells everyone all he wants is to spend time with me but when we are alone he avoids me at all costs and starts arguements or totally ignores me. He won't even touch me then says its because i won't let him but its him that doesn't want to touch me or be around me or the kids. I love him so much but this is all killing me. He vertually has me trapped because if i walk away he threatens me with my babies which basically forces me to stay. It's not fair and he always appears to be mr perfect around everyone so no one believes me or supports me and i have nowhere to turn and nowhere to go. If it wasn't for having my beautiful babies i know i wouldn't be here now because my only way of escape would be to take my own life. Mr perfect has turned into Mr abusive