Rhiannon • Baby Boy born 23/03/2020. Baby No2 due November 2022

Today is dreaded period day 😡 so last night I finally realised that I no longer have any good comfy period undies 😫 only new girly boxers as I didn’t want to risk bleeding through the night so I decided to put a tampon in Just in case, I’m currently now 4 months ttc after coming off my pill, I feel great I’ve lost weight my eating habits have got better and my skin is looking good for the first time in years, only down side is last month I had a hemorrhage so I lost a baby I didn’t even know I had because my tests always came up as Evaps or negative.

Well today ladies I’m late which is a new one for me, so hopefully this is my month. Baby dust to all you guys 😘💜

P.s: nothing more uncomfortable than pulling out a dry tampon 🤢