Pelvis too Narrow for natural delivery?


Hey ladies! So when I gave birth to my first son I never thought of having a c section. My water broke one morning but I had no contractions so they induced me. I went in at about 9:30 am. Walking around, jumping around trying to make my baby come out. I started to have contractions and I was dilating slowly but surely. At about 5 am I was at 10cm dilated and my midwife said it was time to push. I pushed all types of ways. For about 3 hrs!! 😩 by this time I was drained. 0 energy. My babies heart rate dropped and he pooped in me! I started to get a fever 🤒 my baby was stuck because of my pelvic bone. At about 8:30am (the next day) they said I needed to deliver via emergency c section due to my water being broken for 24 hrs and it was dangerous for my son to eat his own poop. My son was born at 9:10 am with depression? 🤔 he didn't cry at all. The surgeon who delivered my son said to me that I only have a 10% chance of ever delivering naturally in the future. My mom had my siblings and I all via c sections. I'm currently pregnant expecting what my familyand I pray to be our rainbow baby 🌈❤️ I asked my doctor to please Check my pelvis and as soon as she stuck her fingers in me she said oh yeah I feel your pelvis right away and I have small hands. Anyone ever go through this ? Btw my sons weight was 6lb 8oz