BJ problem

You know how most kids put everything in their mouths to explore when they're little? Well, I never did that. And I believe it's affecting my sex life. I struggle with putting anything in my mouth at all that isn't food. I couldn't brush my teeth at all until I was 11 or 12 because it freaked me out so much to put a piece of plastic in my mouth. It even grosses me out to put utensils in my mouth when I'm eating. I don't like my own fingers in my mouth. I can't chew gum, suck on mints, or enjoy a sucker (lollipop idk what you call those) without gagging. Even popsicles freak me out. And I absolutely cannot use plastic utensils or drink out of plastic. I only said all of that just to emphasize how bad this is.

My boyfriend eats me out all the time and I've tried to reciprocate multiple times, but I just can't keep it in my mouth. I can almost lick it without a problem, but it's still hard.

Does anyone have any tips to help curb my gag reflex at all?

(It's not a physical problem, it's the thought that there's something in my mouth that's the problem.)