... I feel terrible ... EDITED

I love my daughter. she's almost a month old. I have been obsessed with having a baby since I was 17 but never acted on it until I was 20 (23 now) we didn't try didn't prevent for 2 years. and by the time I got pregnant before I found out I finally gave up and actually was okay with the idea of not ever having a baby. my fiance and I were doing so good after I gave up the idea. and then found out I was pregnant the first week of January. . I'll probably be told how horrible of a person I am but I don't want this. but I could never give this up.. I love her and my fiance and I'm happy but I'm not all at the same time. because deep down I know I have what I've wanted for years. how do I get rid of these feelings that I have about not wanting this?? EDIT:: I don't know if it's still considered PPD if I've been feeling like this since the minute I found out I was pregnant. is that still PPD??