I need help I don’t know what to do anymore Im so depressed

Megan • Im Meg :)

So im new on this but I need some relationship advice, To give you a little back ground me and my ex “leo” have been broken up since April but we have talked everyday and continued to go on dates and have sex. We were together for almost 2 years. He’s 18 and I am 17 we’re both seniors and have been dating since sophomore year.

3 weeks ago we were hanging out and we were actually planning on trying again and then I can tell that things were different. His friends would post on social media of his and this girl saying cutest couple, and obviously it borhered me but I didn’t want to say anything because we weren’t together so I ahouldnt be mad over something like that I happen to have the girl on snap chat and realized one night they had ft and I could tell it was him even with a sticker over his face. Then just yesterday he tells me I need to move on because its never going to happen again and then I find out he’s not talking to just one girl but 2. So im asking you guys how do I move on when Im still wanting the relationship and he’s obviously moved on?

Please help me guys!

I see him on a regular basis i dont know how to move on when im still stuck in the past. I love him and it kills me knowing he’s perfectly fine. It also doesn’t help that one of the girls is in my class amd everytime i see her i want to go up to her and smack her. Im hurt a d depressed and I can’t find a way to get over him. I find myself crying even when I have no reason to. It just happens, and it sucks. I need help