Dilation dont mean a damn thing

Britinii • Boy mom. 💙💙💙 Our 3rd boy due Nov.

Been 5cm going on 2weeks y'all. 2 weeks. Pelvic pressure from hell. Lower back pain that also may be from HELL. Contractions that are painful, just not strong enough to break my water or put me in active labor apparentlyyyyy. This is my 2nd child. I did not for the fucking life of me think this was how it was going to be this time around. Here's the funny part tho. A girl I know just had her baby via c section (after switching drs & finding one who would do it for her) simply because she was 38 weeks and done being pregnant. Her due date a day before mine. THEN. Another girl I know who's due date is a day after mine is 2cm and her water just broke about an HR ago. 🙄 And I'm sitting here at 5cm knowing I'll be making it to my due date. I've tried everything. Baby comes when baby comes y'all. That is no joke. Next baby I will be saving myself alot of pain and aggravation and won't be getting checked. Wish I didn't know I was 5cm. It is driving me insane. Especially because I thought and even Dr thought baby would have been here any day & he ain't. 😭