The most quickest labor I’ve ever had..

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4am I was having an urge to poop but It was very faint to me cause I was so tired. I didn’t know if I really had to poop or was is it contractions? Lol 

Woke up at 7am to get my daughter ready for school. I was going to go to my o.b after and have them check me but as I was walking my daughter to her bus stop the feeling wouldn’t stop and it hurt so bad I had to pause three times she kelp asking what’s wrong momma? I said “I think you gonna have a new brother today” she says “you gonna have him outside?!” Lmbo 

I go back in the house told my babe na we gotta call my mom this might be it.. these are real contractions they’re taking my breath away! We hurried up and went into triage and I was already dilated at 7 already!

Soon as they took me to labor and delivery I was at 9 in a half! It went so fast they was just waiting on my water to bust but it never did they said my water sack was so strong it probably would have broke later.. 

4:24pm he popped out! They said I made it look easy didn’t take much to have him.. he didn’t even rip me! I’m just glad it’s all over I can’t wait till his siblings to see him.. 😍

Baby #3



21 1/2 inches

Our big boy!

Breastfeeding 🤗

Watching football with Daddy right here lol


2018 update photos



He’s 2yrs old now ❤️