Feeling really emotional about upcoming appointment

S.A.M • Mommy to twin girls!!! 🎀🎀

Getting pretty anxious and feeling very emotional as my first appointment with fertility specialist is coming up on Tuesday. Trying to stay concentrated at work today has been challenging and spent almost an hour on the phone with my insurance company asking what is covered and not covered for infertility. Just talking about it all is making it more real that it's finally happening after waiting 2.5 months to actually get the appointment and plus all the waiting in general for AF to come has been so stressful. Feeling like I need some emotional support from others who had their very first appointment and really started the long journey I will about to be on....🙏

I finally told my two best friends that I'm going to the specialist. I still try to brush off my emotions about it but inside I'm struggling and so beyond anxious.