Would my due date be sooner??

SharLene • #girlmom💓

Okay so I have asked this once before when I was like 20 weeks. I went to do a gender ultrasound and my baby girl was measuring 22 weeks when I was told I was 20 weeks. Now I am 32 weeks and 4 days but I had another ultrasound at my 32 week mark due to my baby measuring really big the past 2 last appointments. So my OB said it would be best to schedule another ultrasound to see why she was measuring so big. Anyway, at 32 weeks exactly my baby girls head was measuring 34 weeks and her chest was measuring 36 weeks. Wondering if I am due sooner then expected? I was told that babies sometime grow fast but I was just curious bc she is still so many weeks ahead of me. What do you all think??