Help please advice

Girls please I need advice , no rude comments I've been together with my boyfriend for 5 years not we have a two year old and live together he's about to get relocated for his job somewhere far away from my family and his for 6 months .. okay and we leave in one month , and the problem here is his shitty mouth me and him get along 75 % of the time but evrytime he seems to get mad he seems to call me so many names , tells me , Im a piece of shit, I'm anoyying , I'm a fucken stupid ass . Lazy asss , that I ain't shit and so many rude stuff that I don't even wanna go on ... so any back then he would tell me me stuff then apologize later now it's gotten worse he says it and does not even regret it and from somone who suffers from depression it really makes me feel like im not shit like I should just die imnnot so shure about moving so far away from him now .... is this verbal abuse ...?