Can I vent?

Me and boyfriend have been dating since late February. Everything was going soooo amazing with us, I legit fell in love with him so fast. He was everything I ever dreamed of, and he treated me like a Queen. We went on dates on the weekend because we didn’t hardly see each other throughout the week because he’s a truck driver. A couple months ago he filed for joint custody of his daughter and was granted it and since then he’s changed drastically. The battle was hard and very emotional for him and his daughter. I helped as much as possible and did everything I could possibly do for them both. It was a breath of fresh air after they finally ruled in his favor. But .... Lately things have changed drastically with us. We barely talk at all. If we do the conversation is dry, I haven’t seen him in about two-three months , we went from going to sleep on the phone together to hardly even replying to my texts. We don’t go out at all anymore, he ignores the photos I send him and always wants to know where I am and who I’m with. I’m a homebody so school, work and home is my daily routine. (I’m 24, he’s 29) I just feel so lonely, pathetic and forgotten. It’s like I beg him for attention and he just ignores it. My thirst traps don’t even get a rise out of him. I feel like he doesn’t care anymore and when I try to talk about it he gets defensive and says I’m being selfish and not taking his situation into consideration. But that’s been over so long ago and he never wants to talk about it. When he comes home he’s with his friends and I don’t even know when he’s in town unless I see his car or happen to call him and he mentioned it. I’ve told him maybe we should take a break but he always says no . I don’t know what to do anymore, I feel like giving up ! 🤦🏾‍♀️ I need help !