Some people😩

Peyton • Mommy to Liam 04/29/17💙👶 Wife to Danny 10/19/16😍💍

About a week into my senior year I found out i was 5 weeks pregnant and i had all day sickness. So I would have to leave my classes once or twice a day. One time I had just rushed to the bathroom and was throwing up and a girl from one of the classes I was a TA for was in the bathroom also. she was in a stall when I got in there so she didn't know it was me. she asked me of I was okay, of course I was like yah I'm fine. She had gone and told her teacher. so on my way out to go home so I could get cleaned up, her teacher stops me and asks if I was okay and tells me the girl was worried about me, again I said "yes I'm fine" teacher - "are you sure?" me- "yes I'm 12 weeks pregnant i just need to go home and brush my teeth and eat" teacher- "are you sure you're pregnant" me- "yes?" teacher- "like have you taken a test" me- "I've had an ultrasound..." teacher- "oh well I have food in my class" me- "im okay I need to brush my teeth" teacher- "do you need to tell someone?"(best way I could think of to show our conversation) At that point I just walked away I was so ok annoyed. after specifically telling her i was 12 weeks pregnant and she continued to question then tried to get me to stay. some people !!!