SOS a**hole boyfriend


Ok so I just had a baby about 2 months ago. And my "boyfriend" has been nothing but a dick since I got pregnant now it's gotten even worse. every time we argue he call me an ugly dumb fat cunt (now mind you I've got a somewhat flat stomach) and he said having sex with me is like a water bottle thrown down a hallway. He said numerous times that I'm a shitmom but I've done nothing but take care of my baby as he goes and does whatever he wants. I just went back to work about 3 weeks ago and now he wants to be praised for taking care of her for 7 hours. And for me to excuse every nasty thing he says to me and treat him like a king because he "baby sits our daughter all day" I honestly need advice right now. UPDATE! I honestly don't know why I'm still with him it's like I'm just hoping for him to change to the man he was before but it's not happening like I pay all the bills including his phone bill and there is absolutely no respect and every time I try to confess how I feel to try and "fix things" he says it's a pitty party for me. it's just so fucking hard anymore I want to leave so bad. And from what I can "see" (I don't know what happens when I'm not around) he is a good dad but I'm gone for work everyday.