Should I break up with my boyfriend?

We started dating in mid-February. In late March, three days after the first time he said “I love you” (drunkenly, he admitted recently that he was being honest..supposedly), he went to a friend’s party and was flirting with a girl he is friends with. They were flirting over text afterwards as well. She didn‘t know we were dating until we went fb official in mid-April, and that’s when the rest of his female friends found out as well.

I didn’t know about these texts until snooping through his phone a few weeks ago. He just admitted to me within the past hour that he liked her at that time but he felt bad because he realized he “really did love me” and stopped talking to, yet they remain friends. He said “that was in February dude” and I even had to correct him that it WAS MARCH, AS IF ITS NOT A BIG DEAL! I admitted to him that I went through his phone, I told him EVERY single time someone messaged me flirtatiously, and stopped talking to them, unfriended old friends I liked for HIM. Yet he still did this to me. I even met her like two weeks ago!!!

I am so fucking hurt. I hate him. But I love him. I don’t know if I should leave or not.

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