Nurses said “miracle baby”


I heard the nurses say our baby girl was a miracle baby. As they pulled her out she had had True Knot in her umbilical cord. My pregnancy had zero complications. A day before my due date I went in for my 40 week check and my blood pressure was a little high so they monitored for a few hours and checked for preeclampsia. Blood and urine test came back negative so just the blood pressure. They decided it would best to induce which I was only a day early so my husband and I were all for it. Normal pregnancy, normal birth with no complications and absolutely zero knowledge of the knot. The true knot being there I guess has a 2% chance of occurring and usually has some major issues and possible fatal issues. I can only be thankful for our healthy baby girl and know that something greater was watching over her through the pregnancy. She was born 8lb 12oz, 20” on October 3rd.