So Emotional!

Chasity • 21🔢 1 Angel In Heaven❤😇 Happily Engaged💍 New Mommy To My Baby Boy River! 💙👶

My fiance and I found out we were expecting again in August after a miscarriage in May. My period had been a day late, going on 2 and my periods have always been on time, like clockwork. Minus my first pregnancy where it was a week late. It only being 2 months after the miscarriage I wasn't expecting a pregnancy this soon. So when I tested the first time, I took an additional 10 test because I just couldn't believe it. Now here I am. Had an ultrasound at 8 weeks, heartbeat was 169 doc said everything looked perfect. I am so so nervous and emotional because tomorrow I am 12 weeks. A milestone. I didn't think I was going to make it this far along because of my miscarriage last time. I am feeling so incredibly grateful and blessed and so so emotional about this pregnancy going kinda okay. Of course, I think about my little angel daily.I wish nothing more for he or she to be here. I would of been preparing for labor next month. But God had other plans. I feel as if my little angel hand picked this baby for us, his or her sibling. Our rainbow 💚 I pray this pregnancy continues to go well and that when the time comes I have a smooth delivery. Monday I have my 12 week ultrasound and I am so scared and nervous that my ob will be able to find a heart beat and that everything will be okay. Lots of love, prayers and baby dust to everyone! Hope you all have a safe and healthy pregnancy and a swift delivery! Please send prayers for me and baby over the next day. As well as at my ultrasound. They are all greatly appreciated! 💚