Was I wrong

So I've been complaining lately of how much I hated my job. since I've always been a county sub contractor. My partner insisted that I contact this guy that's like 37 years older then me that I made my mentor that works at the county to see if he can connect me. the problem is since I quit my last job I haven't seen this guy for almost a year....so when I got back boyfriend was acting jealous even though he claims he's not a jealous person and went all I didn't say go have dinner with him when he knew ijn advance where I was going. Anyways fast forward we started goofing around like always and started wrestling each other and he poured an entire bottle of water on me so I went in the kitchen do a bowl of ice and water and he ran in the bathroom and lock the door for me not to get at him. so I thought it would be funny by taking his phone and playing loud porn video for the noise instead I saw in his such history that he was watching Big tities MILF porn earlier which got me piss and I snapped on him. He claims he only watch it to see what type of porn if was and wasn't taking me serious about it. Fast forward today we already plan ahead to go mudding on Sunday now he's telling me I'm not invited it's going to be him and the guys and i snapped on him and was extra dramatic and told him I'm going to go back home to my parents house and he drove off saying he's going to go work for the rest of the day.....oh and what do you guys think about the message between me and my mentor innocent or not