Quitting smoking


Since my husband and I had decided we want to have kids we've said we were going to quit smoking. No smoking as soon as I was pregnant. I quit smoking a month ago because I didn't want to quit as soon as I was pregnant. figured doing it sooner rather than later is a better idea. Oh, and we save Money to put in tge baby fund! My husband made a promise to quit, but hasnt. We made the promise two mlnths ago. He went out and bought smokes behind my back and lied about it... And I found out last night. So what do I do. I was pissed and said hurtful things. It feels like he doesn't want to start a family because that's more important... I kind of feel like I cannot trust him since he lied to be already about it. My sexual desire is gone because I dont want to start a family with someone who won't keep a promise and goes behind my back with deal we made to eachother. advice.... tips??