Pulling out/ Please help

So I had sex three times this week. Lost my virginity on Tuesday. The first two times were with a condom but the last time, the other guy convinced me not to. I believe that he is clean and that isn’t my problem. He pulled out and didn’t come in me but I cannot help but be nervous. I know it was so stupid and he even said he wish he wore one so he could have lasted longer. I know i am just being paranoid because he didn’t cum in me but still.

So my period should start in 5-7 days. What should I do?

Wait for my period come?

Plan B?

Planned Parenthood?


The unprotected sex was Saturday night at 12am ish so technically Sunday.

Update. Just took Plan b 65 hours after. So it will be like 89-90% effective and he didn’t cum in me so I am sure I should be okay. Thank you all for your help.