Me and my boyfriend really want to go on vacation and I just had to do an assignment for my hospitality class, basically planning out an entire vacation and I chose a vegan friendly hotel in Austria and omg, what I’d do to be rich and be able to just go right now!!😩😩 And when I told my boyfriend he was like, I’ll start saving if that’s what you want! It’s gonna take a lot of time and money, and we’re really going to have to budget, but omg, i know it won’t be for a long time, but I’m so excited to start actually planning! I just wanna explore the world with the love of my life!!!😍😩❤️

If any of you guys have gone on vacations in Europe or live in Europe and have any tips for me, let me know!! Only been once, but it was a school trip in high school, so I didn’t really plan anything other than what to bring. Feel free to post any pics of places you’ve traveled to as well!!