pregnant sex advise helppppp!!!

so i am currently 36 weeks pregnant and for the past 8-10 weeks i have brought up having sex multiple times because i've been so horny.. well, every time i say something he's like "what are you waiting for?" or he just ignores me like i'm suppose to make the first move (i NEVER had to before) and it totally just kills it for me and i just go to sleep. we have had sex once in months because i was woke up in the morning and basically just hopped on top of him (i know.. idk how i did it either 😂😂) so i have decided to not bring it up at all anymore and it's like he just doesn't care, or he's not attracted to my pregant body, or he's scared to hurt the baby.. he always tells me he's "not in the mood" & idk what it really is but i do know that he watches porn and jacks off almost every day. so why can't he get that satisfaction from me? i NEED it but i'm not gonna force it on him if he doesn't want it. i just don't know what to do.. i know once the baby comes we will never have time to do it anymore.. anybody else going through this? or does anyone have advise for me? helpppp ☚ī¸â˜šī¸