FTM, 6 days old and Rejecting my Breast


I have struggled getting baby to latch correctly... and if I'm being completely honest, the lactation consultant was helpful while we were at the hospital but I don't feel she helped prep us for our time at home. :(

Long story short, I've started pumping and have resorted to feeding baby girl with a bottle because I can't bare the idea that she tires herself out at my breast simply because she can't figure out how to latch. We are still doing skin to skin, daily and at night. And I was feeling like such a failure yesterday thinking I can't breastfeed directly.

But today's pumping session has given me such hope! I've more than doubled my morning supply in 24 hours and the point is I'm doing the very best I can for my baby!!

Anyone else dealing with breast rejection so soon after giving birth?! 😩

Below is the difference between what I produced yesterday morning and today! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ