Drinking problems


So, my fiance has a drinking problem, and two weeks ago we got into a pretty bad argument & I left for a few hours to go to his sister's because I was so frustrated and he is such a different person when he's drinking. I ended up coming back after awhile because his daughter was there and I needed to make sure she was ok. As he woke up he started again being an asshole and just a different person, as I was leaving again for the night his daughter came running after me and crying and didn't want me to leave, so I pretty much put up with his B.S. the rest of the night. Come the next morning, he didn't even remember I left and went to his sister's house. He told me he would stop the hard liquor. Well, come to find out this week he snuck it. I smelt it on him on Tuesday and Wednesday and then this Saturday he went to get cigarettes and got a bottle of booze too. Do I leave him or do I tell him to go to A.A. before I break up with him? I told him I'm not going to put up with it!!! I'm so broken and don't know what to do.