My milk dried up and I'm devastated.

Arianna • Mama of a leo baby boy, Virgo baby coming 2018 👪🤰🏼

I was EBF for 2 months. I could pump up to 10 ounces in one sitting and had a chunky happy baby. Then I got hit with really bad postpartum depression and wasnt eating much and woke up on Friday to feed my son, he wouldnt stay latched and was crying and crying at the breast. I tried to hand express, pump, keep latching and only got 1 drop out of one breast. I finally broke and bottle fed frozen breast milk and today I had to get formula. I'm heart broken. I looooved breastfeeding and it was the brightest light in my postpartum depression. I guess I'm looking for support, or how to make the best of this.