Amateur Sex🤔

I lost my virginity to my boyfriend (who was not a virgin) a couple months ago and i love it but not much of a fan of it if that makes sense.. like I’ll be really horny but the sex isn’t as enjoyable as I picture it being. We use condoms and they tend to cause a bunch a friction and they hurt like hell sometimes. I know all my pleasure spots (nipples, clit, neck, back, etc.) but its as if he doesn’t stimulate them the way i want him to😕 he always either goes too rough where it hurts or too soft where i cant feel anything and I almost want to cry because i feel like he doesn’t know what he’s doing even when he fingers me it kinda hurts like is it the angle or how he’s entering? Does he know what he’s doing? Am I doing something wrong and am i normal? Does he just need to learn my body more?? How will I teach him how to touch me so that it will feel good? I need answers.😔 I love him very much i just don’t know how to tell him without coming off rude.🤦🏾‍♀️😭