She broke us up

My ex has an ex fiancé. We go to the same college, but he was working rather than going to college. They were good friends, and I didnt think anything of it. While we were together, she was constantly trying to drive a wedge between us. She'd take pictures of me with my friends (guy friends) and send them to him and tell him I was flirting. Stuff like that. Constantly. I didn't know about it until months after we had already broken up, and she had swooped in. She and I had a mutual friend and at the Christmas party I threw the mutual friend told me about how she had planned to break us up all along. She had wanted him back ever since he and I got together. So she'd been plotting for a year on how to break us up before she finally succeeded. She purposefully lied to him about me. Once I found out, I cut ties with basically everyone I knew and started over. I couldn't be friends with someone who knew she was trying to break us up and said nothing. A year later, they have broken up. We started talking again, and he's told me about what a shitty relationship it was. I finally told him what I was told from that night at the Christmas party. He sat very still for a minute with this far off look. Then I saw his jaw clench and he made a fist with this hand. He is so furious rn. I don't blame him. We had a good thing going before she started lying to him and trying to separate us.