So, my husband and I have been having a very difficult time with finances since April.. due to my husbands job cutting back on hours, he is now working two jobs, overnight and as many day shifts as possible, but we are still not able to save money due to our high rent and student loans.

We also live 1000 miles away from family and friends, so there is no one to plan a baby shower.. we are still in desperate need of items for our baby girl... I have created a registry on amazon for things we still need before she gets here, but no one is utilizing it 😞 not sure what to do, I don’t want to beg people or be seen as a charity case... we are very hard working people who have just not been able to catch a break.

Suggestions on what to do? I’ve shared our registry twice on Facebook but like I said I don’t want to beg people to help.