So i currently have a boyfriend and he’s tall, handsome, nice & trustworthy, but I don’t think we are right for each other, he has heaps of mates, girl mates who he’s hooked up with in the past which annoys me and we live nearly an hour away from each other, he also has a full time job so it’s hard to see each other most weekends, he doesn’t show me off, it’s like he’s hiding something, he also chose a party over me on the weekend and had 1.0 grams of mdma, i had to find that out myself but when i asked him about it he lied and said he had taken .5, he knows how i feel about drugs. I feel like he’s only using me to pleasure himself as in his messages he goes on to his mates about it. My last relationship i got cheated on & abused, i feel like I’m going crazy, i worry & overthink the smallest things, i also stress about seeing his family, as I’m so shy, I’m a teenager, not one of those little immature ones that know nothing, a grown 16 year old. Please i need all the advice & encouragement i can get