“Advanced maternal age” (AMA) women - induction by due date?


So at my 38 week appointment yesterday my doctor, for the first time, mentioned that baby should be delivered by my due date (10/28) due to my age and “better outcomes.” When I asked further about outcomes, he explained the risk of a stillborn baby increases being born after 40 weeks for AMA women. So we scheduled me to be induced next Wed, 10/25. I’m 38 years old btw and have had a very healthy, normal pregnancy. I also have a 3 year old son who was born at 40w 2d (not induced).

I’d imagined this labor would go similarly in that baby would come when he is ready. I’m scared to be induced because of what I’ve heard about pitocin causing wicked contractions and the possibility of needing a c-section if it doesn’t work (which I’d like to avoid if at all possible).

Have other “older” moms (I don’t feel old!) been told the same info? How have others’ inductions gone? Did you need a section?

I’d appreciate hearing from others! I know I can refuse, but also want to do what is safest for the baby!