The story of my depression

princess👑 • im afraid of the dark :\

I've been depressed for a long time, since my dad started doing Meth again, then, everyone started calling me a whore, slut, bitch, hoe and my favorite "cheap prostitute". I moved and it still happened, so then I started cutting, not a lot just a little. after a while my step mom and dad got into a lot of fights, they just had a baby and one time their fight made me have a really bad anxiety attack, everyone thought I was "over reacting" but I could not breathe. In July my dad got arrested for manufacturing and disposal of Methamphetamine, 10000 bond and a 25000 bond. I went to live with my aunt and uncle, I was so happy, not as depressed but depression doesn't just "go away" it's not the flu, or a cold, it lasts. I was there for a week before my grandparents I hadn't seen in over a year came and took me, and now I'm with my other aunt and uncle, it's okay, but now I'm even more depressed I've been cutting, but I'm 15 days clean, when I moved I had to break up with my boyfriend, and that hurt so fuckin bad, I then started talking to another guy and I fell head over heals in love. He broke up with me yesterday and, again, I had an anxiety attack in front of my whole class, I was crying and when I went home I was having suicidal thoughts and I just need help, I don't know who to talk to...😭