I Hate Negativity‼️

SouthernBell • 👶🏾🎀💗💕🌸🦄👣

I hate when one min a person be all happy and for you then the next min they asking stupid questions like don’t u get tired of seeing babies or talking about ur pregnancy...NOO I can’t help but to see the babies they all are cute as buttons and so handsome n I’m very excited can’t wait to meet my 🌈🎀so I can 😘 her smell her and 😘 her lil👣all day and tell her how much she means to me... That really just hurt my feelings n I’m trying hard not to go off on ppl like that but I do speak my mind on how I feel cause if I wana talk about my 👶🏾 24/7 I can she not urs u won’t b taking care of her...Ugghhh 😡😡😡😡 it’s a moment when u be trying to respect ppl but it’s like they don’t care wat they say