Feedback appreciated 💜


If I do have endo, my pain is way, way less than so many others. I'm not trying to be rude by posting here, I'm just hoping for input before deciding how to proceed.

My backstory:

My husband and I decided to TTC in January. We got pregnant our first cycle but had a miscarriage at 6 weeks.

We then got pregnant in June (3rd cycle trying again) but, sadly, had a missed miscarriage at 9 weeks 3 days. During the ultrasound, the tech asked if I had endo bc of a cyst on my ovary. That whole experience was AWFUL though (she was so rude and cold when we saw our baby had no heartbeat) and my gyno said not to worry about a small cyst at this time.

I started my period at age 15 and have always had what I thought were normal cramps. Get sore hips, pain in my lower back and cramps - usually the day before and Day 1-2 of cycle. During certain cycles, it feels like my muscles don't work in my body though. TMI WARNING: I also get diarrhea (which I think is normal for periods) but lately I have noticed some blood/mucus in my stool during period.

The fact that we have gotten pregnant so easily would seem to say I don't have endo (which is what my doctor mentioned) but two early miscarriages mixed with some of my other symptoms do have me worried. Anyone else with endo suffer early miscarriages? Anyone else with endo have a regular cycle?

Before we TTC again, I need to decide if I want to spend time/money to determine what is wrong. Or should we just TTC again and risk having a third miscarriage then go through the work determining what could be causing them?

Any feedback would be MUCH appreciated! Thank you so much for reading this