did I just feel implantation!?


I'll start this with I know it could be a million other things but as someone with endometriosis who has pains and twinges every single day. I have never felt anything like this. So I was sitting in a chair drinking coffee, talking to my mom when out of nowhere I got this ridiculously sharp and painful feeling in my pelvis and slightly to the right. the pain shot all the way up to the right side of my bellybutton! it was small and didn't radiat like my other pains do which is why I knew it was different. if I had to give an estimate to how large of a spot the pain was it say about the size of a be be. it happened about 5 times. the first two times it knocked the breath out of me. I tried to get up to go get me heating pad thinking that cramps were about to come on but just as I got out of the chair I was hit with the third pain and literally knocked off my feet. has anyone had this happen before? please share! mini update: I just had a really similar pain on the left side now. it wasn't as painful, but it was definitely there. also both of the spots are really sore now